About Sharon

Author, Speaker, Educator

Sharon is an energetic and passionate educator of teenagers, having been a teacher for the past three decades. She has a special interest in helping young people, as well as women, understand their value in God and how gorgeous and amazing they truly are.

She is the author of 15 books, many of them for young people including the best-selling Teen Talk series as well as the Girlwise and Wiseguys series of books.

Sharon just loves to TALK! She is definitely in the right career being
a teacher as well as a regular contributor on radio and television in issues relating to parenting and building resilience. She is also the host of the popular radio show ‘This One Life’ which airs around Australia as well as through her popular podcast of the same name.

In 2016, Sharon founded the hugely successful Resilient Kids Conference®, a one day event for parents and educators to help encourage and equip them in raising this generation of young people. It has now grown to a national event, with plans to take it internationally in the future.

In her spare time, she loves to head to her favourite beach, where you will no doubt find her writing away in one of her favourite cafes. She also loves spending time engaged in conversations with friends and family, travelling, or hanging out with her gorgeous kids
at home in the stunning Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia where she lives.

Sharon is also a massive coffee drinker and is not afraid to admit it.

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